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Idea Mensch Interviews Sam Feuer – Founder and CEO of MapEverywhere

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Idea Mensch Sam Feuer

Ever gotten lost in a mall, hospital or theme park? Sam Feuer explains how his idea for MapEverywhere came about and how he made it possible.

What are you working on right now?
We are currently working with Fortune 500 companies and several others on ensuring MapOS (the operating system for navigation without GPS, WIFI or Internet signal) can be easily utilized as a self service or custom enterprise solution for any indoor or outdoor space anywhere in the world in any language in the world. The OS is for simple, visual and precise turn by turn, multi-level navigation that will never fail due to signal loss or lack of power. If you have a charged mobile smart phone, you can get around easily, period.

Where did the idea for navigation without GPS, WIFI or Internet signal come from?
GPS and Wifi fail over time no matter where you are navigating to. We built the entire platform utilizing GPS and WIFI initially and it failed miserably because of these dropped signals. I challenged my team to build the app and an actual platform for any venue in the world without GPS or WIFI for turn by turn, multi-level navigation and over the course of many months we were able to execute this product.

My wife Amie and I were walking through the Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey. She was 6 and half months pregnant with my son Maximus and needed a restroom immediately. We hunted for a good 10 minutes before finding the restroom based on the static directory. The only issue was that restroom was out of order and there was no other information on where another restroom was. We asked 3 employees and no one knew. Amie said, Sam, you have to make a mall app to find bathrooms. And so it begun, never thinking about no-GPS navigation we landed into this space and were able to rise to the challenge of creating a technological advancement in navigation that is being utilized in 32 countries in multiple languages at the time of this publication.

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Fox Business Live – MindSmack, FastMall, Blippy iPhone App – Tech Company Thriving in New York.

Monday, November 8th, 2010 Founder Sam Feuer reacts to the midterm election and discusses how he is able to survive in New York’s harsh business climate.

Joan Verdon Of The Bergen Record Writes About FastMall for iPhone, CEO Sam Feuer

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Sam Feuer and his wife were at Menlo Park Mall about a year ago when his wife — 6 1/2 months pregnant at the time — needed to use the bathroom. “And no one could tell us where the nearest bathroom was,” he said. “It literally took us almost 25 minutes to find a bathroom.”
Necessity was the mother of invention: Sam Feuer of Web developer MindSmack says his pregnant wife urged him to develop an application to help people find the nearest restrooms in the mall. FastMall is the result.

Necessity was the mother of invention: Sam Feuer of Web developer MindSmack says his pregnant wife urged him to develop an application to help people find the nearest restrooms in the mall. FastMall is the result.

Feuer (pronounced FOY-er) heads a North Brunswick-based Web development company called MindSmack that specializes in using technology to get results. So his wife said, “You own MindSmack — you should do something to help people find bathrooms at malls.” And he did. MindSmack in December launched FastMall, a free iPhone application that guides shoppers through malls, provides information about store deals, and shows the locations of all the bathrooms on a FastMall map when you shake the phone.

FastMall also shows shoppers with strollers or in wheelchairs how to find elevators, and lets mall visitors announce via Facebook or Twitter that they’ve arrived at a certain store. Feuer, 33, sees the potential to build FastMall into the “Google of malls,” along with numerous opportunities for revenue-producing advertising and marketing deals. He spoke with The Record while demonstrating the FastMall app at Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus.

Q. So your wife needing to go to the bathroom inspired FastMall?

Right. The goal was to find her a bathroom in a store or the mall as quick as possible. Then it evolved into something where you can actually get turn-by-turn directions inside of a structure without using GPS. We built it initially with GPS because we thought that would make the most sense. But GPS failed inside of most internal structures over time. So we went back to the drawing board as far as the mapping technology goes and built it without GPS.

Q. How does it work?

It’s kind of like Coke — I don’t want to give you the whole secret. There’s an algorithm involved. It’s called Dijkstra’s algorithm [a formula for finding the shortest route]. Google Map has three choices for routes: walking, biking or bus. So I said let’s give people a choice of fastest, escalator and elevator. This works exactly like Google Map, but for indoors. We can work with any brand or any mall company, like Westfield for example. We can put Westfield’s logo on the map of the mall, to brand it. That’s how you monetize the application.

Q. How many people have downloaded the app?

We’re at over 50,000 now. We’re exploding. It’s really from word of mouth. Your article alone will probably bring 15,000-20,000 new users because New Jersey’s the mall capital of the world.

Q. Malls like to control their information. What kind of reaction are you getting from the malls?

So far, every reaction we’ve gotten has been “We want to work with you,” or “How did you do this without us helping you?” There are so many other mall apps out there that are just a waste of everyone’s time. We begin where every other mall app ends.

Q. FastMall shows you restrooms inside stores. How did you get that information without someone scouting out each store?

We can get the locations of the mall bathrooms, but the locations inside places like Penney’s, that’s impossible to get. That’s where we’re relying on the community. If you click that button you can add a location of a bathroom. As we get 100,000 to a million users, which is coming, we’re going to get all that feedback.

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