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Idea Mensch Interviews Sam Feuer – Founder and CEO of MapEverywhere

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Idea Mensch Sam Feuer

Ever gotten lost in a mall, hospital or theme park? Sam Feuer explains how his idea for MapEverywhere came about and how he made it possible.

What are you working on right now?
We are currently working with Fortune 500 companies and several others on ensuring MapOS (the operating system for navigation without GPS, WIFI or Internet signal) can be easily utilized as a self service or custom enterprise solution for any indoor or outdoor space anywhere in the world in any language in the world. The OS is for simple, visual and precise turn by turn, multi-level navigation that will never fail due to signal loss or lack of power. If you have a charged mobile smart phone, you can get around easily, period.

Where did the idea for navigation without GPS, WIFI or Internet signal come from?
GPS and Wifi fail over time no matter where you are navigating to. We built the entire platform utilizing GPS and WIFI initially and it failed miserably because of these dropped signals. I challenged my team to build the app and an actual platform for any venue in the world without GPS or WIFI for turn by turn, multi-level navigation and over the course of many months we were able to execute this product.

My wife Amie and I were walking through the Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey. She was 6 and half months pregnant with my son Maximus and needed a restroom immediately. We hunted for a good 10 minutes before finding the restroom based on the static directory. The only issue was that restroom was out of order and there was no other information on where another restroom was. We asked 3 employees and no one knew. Amie said, Sam, you have to make a mall app to find bathrooms. And so it begun, never thinking about no-GPS navigation we landed into this space and were able to rise to the challenge of creating a technological advancement in navigation that is being utilized in 32 countries in multiple languages at the time of this publication.

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FastMall 3.0 Launches: Featuring ShopSavvy Bar Code Scanning, Keyword & Categorical Search, Offline Navigation Functionality and More.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

This is the app we have all been working on here at MindSmack for the last 4 months.

We have developed a completely new technology called MapOS™ (Map Operating System) that powers the navigation for FastMall 3.0. This custom technology will allow any user to get turn by turn navigation indoors or outdoors without the need for GPS. We will get you where you need to go even if you have NO signal, as long as you download the map to your device.

We will get into what this means not only for FastMall but for mobile mapping in general in a future blog post. For now, lets get to the good stuff in this new release!

FastMall 3.0 Splash Page

New splash screen – this is the first image you see upon tapping the FastMall icon on your device. The entire FastMall experience is much faster with 3.0!

FastMall 3.0 Dock

Quick access dock – this set of options allows you to navigate very quickly to find what you need. You can also slide the dock to the left to get more options!

FastMall 3.0 Help Screen For Keywords

New help screen – this shows you how to drag the keyword and “take-me-there” search menu down from the top area of the screen. You can also change levels once you do this.

ShopSavvy Bar Code Scanner

Bar code scanner now available though our partnership with ShopSavvy! Scan a product and if its available at the mall we will find it, then take you to the store selling it turn by turn for the best possible price.

FastMall 3.0 Keyword Search

Keyword search – type in any keyword here for whatever you want to find and we will try to locate the stores associated with those keywords, then take you there turn by turn!

FastMall 3.0 Category Search

Category search – you can now select any category you would like to find.

FastMall 3.0 Food Categories

Food categorical search icons – tap on whatever option you like and we will show you corresponding places to eat.

Download FastMall 3.0 for iPhone or iPod Touch FREE –

FastMall 3.0 Icon