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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Features FastMall As App Of Choice For Helping Those With Disability Navigate Shopping Malls.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

This category was compiled to reassure you that nothing is holding you back from conquering the world. These apps make it easier to find accessible routes and locations so traveling will come easier to individuals living with paralysis.

FastMall – This app gives step-by-step directions to wheelchair accessible routes by highlighting the location of elevators as well as bathrooms throughout malls and around shopping districts. This app has the capability to operate offline while providing you with an interactive map around the shopping structure. It also comes complete with peer reviews of stores and restaurants as well as promotions and discounts that are specifically for FastMall users.

Price: Free
Related Products: FastMall is currently working on the same type of app for other locations such as airports, hospitals, theme parks etc.

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