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MindSmack President/CEO Sam Feuer Interviewed By The Los Angeles Radio Reading Service About The Power Of The FastMall Experience For Anyone With A Walking Or Visual Disability.

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


A bit about the wonderful service that LARRS provides:

If you were blind, visually impaired, physically unable to turn a page, or a senior with an age–related print disability, how would you stay informed?

Without timely news, opinions, events listings, consumer information, and community service reports from printed sources, it is nearly impossible for people who are print impaired to be fully participating citizens.

LARRS meets this need for information by providing daily radio/internet broadcasts of newspapers, magazines, ads and books, enabling our listeners to be aware of local events, election information, back–page stories, grocery and department store ads, sports pages, and even Dear Abby and the comics.

The Los Angeles Radio Reading Service broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the sub–carrier frequency of KCSN FM. Reception of the signal requires a special radio which may be obtained from LARRS.

To help meet the need of blind and visually–impaired persons on a global scale, LARRS also provides a live audio programming stream on the world wide web which is available through this website.

The audio clip of the interview about FastMall can be heard here – MP3 –