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Fastmall – Navigation inside of a mall and crowdsourcing architecture to gather local information.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

GMapping - FastMall

FastMall has been featured on – An unofficial blog about Google’s indoor mapping and the next generation of mapping applications.

Fastmall is a very interesting example of a mall navigation app and crowdsourcing architecture to gather indoor information. It provides navigation inside of a mall, floor plans and a platform for users to collaborate and share information of what is going on in a mall (store openings, changes, promotions etc.). The shared information is then used to update the floor plan data layer providing more details about each venue. Powerful concept.

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Micro location marketing in the malls of the world with the FastMall app and President/CEO Sam Feuer.

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The coolest thing about a location-based service is when it can get you from one place to another — hence GPS and the insane consumer advantage Google had by including the software layer for free with the Android operating system.

FastMall is a unique and needed service layer that combines that all-important aspect of getting around and the new wave of location-based services and marketing (ala Gowalla and Foursquare) within malls in 17 countries (and counting).

Sam Feuer, a pioneer in social and new media, is stretching and enhancing the shopping experience through a mobile device that has benefit to you and I (the users), the stores in the malls (through JIT marketing) and the malls themselves by enhancing their brand and extending their reach into mobile.

Sam is an experienced guy with a lot to say — so much that we overheated the SKYPE connection, blew the audio feed twice and needed to let the interwebs cool down a bit but we managed to get it all in. Behind the business of mobile