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Brazil Meet FastMall! – Parque D. Pedro in Sao Paulo, Brazil Interactive Shopping Mall Directory Map Now Available For Free Download.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Parque D. Pedro Sao Paulo, Brazil

Parque D. Pedro in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a new concept designed by Sonae Sierra. Parque D. Pedro is the first shopping center for shopping, leisure and culture in Brazil.

Parque D. Pedro is a completely new development that has over 368 shops, 23 anchors, 52 fast-food eateries, 10 restaurants, 15 Kinoplex cinemas, theater, service area and leisure. Aside from various services to support mobility including traditional wheelchairs and motorized cars, you will also find bathrooms for infants and children’s carts.

For your convenience, the mall is equipped with 8,000 parking spaces, with the option for valet parking services. You will find what you want and still have free time for plenty of entertainment.

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