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A Little Help from the iPhone

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

March Communications FastMall

March Communications has featured FastMall as one of the best free apps to make your holiday shopping needs a cinch!

Once you enter your store location, the app reads what discounts are available in your area for immediate use. The FastMall is a handy, virtual directory right in the palm of your hand. It provides the fastest-route option to the store you’re searching for, an instant restroom finder and even a reminder of where you parked. After hours of shopping remembering where you parked your car can be extremely difficult, especially when it took you 25 minutes to find a space to begin with.

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Free iPhone Apps that Make Shopping a Cinch

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Mashable Tech FastMall

FastMall has been featured on Mashable Tech as one of their 7 Free iPhone Apps that Make Shopping a Cinch.

Never get lost in the mall again! This navigational tool provides an interactive map of your the mall you’re currently browsing. Find the fastest route between stores or locate a restroom with the punch of a button. It even allows you to map out where you parked so you can locate your car after hours of shopping.

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Download FastMall 4.0 for iPhone or iPod Touch FREE –

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Mashable featuring FastMall.

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Quick Pitch: Think Foursquare-meets-Yelp for shopping malls.

Genius Idea: FastMall is a website and an iPhone app that acts as both a mall directory/map/guide and a tool offering you local deals at stores, reviews of shops and eateries and fast access to information such as parking and restroom locations.

Like many other red-blooded Americans who grew up in the suburbs of a major city, I love my malls. In fact, I’ve had the layout of Atlanta’s major malls memorized since… well, let’s just say I’ve always know my way around Lenox, Phipp’s Plaza and Perimeter.

That isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes forget what mall has my favorite store or food court stand, or that when I travel to other places, I know the malls in those locales. That’s where FastMall comes in: it is designed to be your guide to a mall — complete with maps, a place to store parking info, a store directory with phone numbers and the ability to read and submit reviews and turn-by-turn directions.

There’s also a social element involved that lets you “check-in” a la Foursquare to a store or mall and find deals at the shops near you.

The FastMall website has the information for the detailed mall maps (which include some big malls like the Beverly Center and the Mall of America), but the iPhone apps includes store listings even for malls that don’t yet have a fully-featured interactive map.

The idea behind FastMall is to create a platform that can eventually extend to amusement parks and other types of venues. We think that’s really smart and that the app (and the site) is really onto something. FastMall isn’t a competitor to Foursquare and the like; it’s a niche-focused app that will help you find out what you need when at a venue or location with lots of shops.

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