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What is FastMall? FastMall is the world's FIRST and ONLY patent pending turn by turn navigation technology at shopping malls and areas without using GPS, WIFI or an Internet signal. Yes, you can shake your iPhone to find then be taken to the nearest restroom. We also have 50+ other features nobody else has. You can check out the site, iTunes, call us - (732)348-8785 or email us - Contact@FastMall.com for more information about this groundbreaking technology.

AboutAbout Fastmall Team

FastMall® was created by a team of passionate shoppers, parents, developers, engineers, visionaries and bathroom-goers who are dedicated to making it the best mobile platform for offline shopping navigation in the history of mankind. The idea originally came from President/CEO Sam Feuer's wife, Amie, who was completely fed up with static mall directories and the overall lack of restroom guidance. Up until now, there has been no interactive guidance to the restroom, stores or food court without asking 14 people who are also walking in circles. Sam and his business partner Marcelo decided to take this idea and run with it by adding a ton of amazing features including:

  • Shake your iPhone for the nearest restroom.
  • Tell FastMall® where you parked and it will remember for you. Feel free to use this voice recorder as a shopping list too!
  • Turn-by-turn guidance inside the mall, from store to store, without using GPS!
  • Sync your status on Facebook as well as Twitter.
  • Add reviews of restrooms, restaurants and stores.
  • Make a wish list of things you must have.
  • Find a deal and save money.
  • Add data to FastMall® to make it a better experience for everyone.
  • Much more to come, stay tuned and share FastMall® with a friend or family member right now!

Thanks from The FastMall® Team.